Photo by Samantha Hammill

Molly Brandt is an American singer-songwriter and career-poised country artist, momentously emerging from Minneapolis, Minnesota, with roots in Iowa, and originally born in Denver, Colorado. Impassioned by the joy of creating music and sharing it, Molly Brandt’s skill has landed her deeply and stoically invested in her craft, stylized and ironically self-described as “continuing the tradition of American music”. Timeless storytelling in intonation and lyrics alike, Molly Brandt hones-in on a certain secondhand nostalgia, emanating from the denim-plastered later-90’s era of country-pop radio along with a throwback to the sounds of classic rock and old-school country in her debut singles. From her previous pursuits in choir class, a classical piano education, and performance in jazz combos, to now creating a brand-new sound that is all her own, in a city which she now calls a perfect home, Molly Brandt draws from many musical influences and experiences.

Molly Brandt’s work ethic shows, as within the quarantine era of 2020-2021, she composed a grip of acute song structures and hooks and forged clearly defined visions being groomed for immediate expansion. Spending days alone in her apartment learning to play guitar and making demos in her bedroom, Molly Brandt ended the summer with everything ready to be captured by engineer, producer, and musician, Colin Loynachan, at The Swamp Recording Studio in September. The songs were recorded in old-school fashion, with the full band playing together in the room, layering smooth pedal steel guitar, dirty guitar licks, and colorful vocals, giving her songs a classic and emotional touch. In the reemergence from the homebody culture that subsequently incubated her premier song collection, Molly Brandt’s road-ready outfit is just now hitting clubs and venues in the Twin-Cities and beyond.

With the arrival of Molly Brandt’s dynamic sonic portfolio of disillusioned love, serial killer-saga, astute self-questioning, and a satirically ego-driven fascination with the “neon lights” of fame, we are now welcomed into the vision and legacy carefully curated over the last few years, decorated in a down-home tone for the Midwest, USA, and the rest of the world.

The Team:

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Colin Loynachan at The Swamp Recording Studio in Minneapolis, MN


Molly Brandt: music and lyrics, lead vocals, co-producer

Colin Loynachan: piano, background vocals, and acoustic guitar

Bridger Fruth: pedal steel guitar

Christian Wheeler: electric guitar

Ross Vander Werf: bass guitar

Brett Bjornrud: drums and percussion

Jordan Stammers: background vocals