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Molly Brandt with rhinestones on face, looking into the distance.
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"Surrender to the Night is one of the strongest contributions to Midwest country music I've ever heard, an incendiary debut packed with style and attitude from an artists who seems poised for ascent to regional if not national recognition."

           - Adventures in Americana


Co-produced by Molly Brandt, Colin Loynachan, and Eric Carranza

Songs by Molly Brandt

Tracks 2-9 recorded and mixed by Colin Loynachan at The Swamp Recording Studio

Track 1 recorded and mixed by Patrick Boland at Honeytone Recording Studio

Track 10 recorded and mixed by Eric Carranza

Tracks 2, 3, 6, 9 mastered by Eric Martin

Track 1 mastered by Gavin Lurssen

Track 4 and 8 co-written by Kalen Passa

Track 10 Mixed and Mastered by Eric Carranza and Mike Noyce



Molly Brandt: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, wurlitzer, mellotron, synth

Christian Wheeler: electric guitar

Eric Carranza: electric guitar, wurlitzer, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, percussion, slide guitar

Brett Bjornrud: drums and percussion

Ross Vander Werf: bass guitar

Jordan Stammers: background vocals

Norah Lee: background vocals

Frank Lloyd Anderson: pedal steel, theravox

Colin Loynachan: piano, organ, acoustic guitar, background vocals, piano

Bridger Fruth: pedal steel guitar, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar


Album Cover Photo: Samantha Hammill

Compact Disc Inside Photos: Daniela Buvat


Album Layout By: Carolina Carlanian - Studio Paralo


Track 10 written by Lucinda Williams Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp./Lucy Jones Music, admin. by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)


All songs Molly Brandt Incorporated ASCAP



"Molly Brandt possesses all the right qualities to pay homage to traditional Americana with her own Midwestern personality...whose music is filled with twang, relationship-oriented lyrical themes, and big-hearted tonality."

            - The Current 

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